How much will my tattoo cost?

It is sadly impossible to provide price quotations for your tattoo over email or by phone. The time to produce the tattoo, and therefore the price, will vary due to size, complexity, intricacy and level of detail, placement on the body, etc., and as such, all clients will be asked to come into the shop in person in order to discuss their particular piece.

That said: the minimum charge is £50, which covers all the high-grade disposables required before starting any tattoo (inks, needles, gloves, barrier film, etc.), as well as the time cost involved in setting up the workstation before the client even sits down in the chair. There is an old adage in tattooing that “Good tattoos ain’t cheap, and cheap tattoos ain’t good”; whilst you may have been quoted less elsewhere, please remember that if a tattoo artist is not charging enough to cover their basic set-up costs, they may be cutting corners with not only the aesthetics of your tattoo by rushing it, but also potentially with your health and safety. Tattoos will last a lifetime, and as such it’s always better to save a little extra for an excellent piece by the best artist for the job tomorrow than to get tattooed by a lesser artist today. It’s simply not worth several decades of regret for the sake of a few weeks or months of saving to get the best tattoo you can.

Advice is always free, and we welcome enquiries. Do stop by to discuss your plans with us!